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Welcome Sriramyam Foundation

The SriRamyam Foundation is a free, non-denominational voluntary devotional organisation based in India. Its members come from all faiths and share a common goal to reach the ultimate goal of realisation of their innate divinity by practising the teachings of love and service taught by their spiritual experiences. To build one’s character and by overcoming all obstacles in life, reaching the perfect goal, with one single word “ SreeRama” .Our Slogan SriRama Namam Apadaamapahartharam Dataram Sarva Sampadaam itselfs tells us the greatness of the word Sree Rama and its devine way of living.

At the core of the foundation is the individual who believes in the assumption of personal responsibility for ethical transformation through selfless love and service and who believes in Hindu religion and Vedic science. The membership is free and open to all. Typically, individual seekers of love and peace, drawn by the experiences of friends and family members, come to the nearest places spiritual singing together with other devotional and spiritual activities, Spreading the Rama Nama across the globe and also to volunteer in regular service activities such as giving food to the needy, medical services, and other forms of civic volunteerism.

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